Packages and Services

from Home-Spruce


We offer a range of home organisation and decluttering packages to suit your needs, or stick with an hourly rate for more flexibility

Feel free to get in touch if you want a unique package!

Hourly Rate

(Minimum 3 Hours)


4 Hours

A tidy session usually lasts 3-5 hours 

During this time I will work with you to thoughtfully evaluate and declutter your space by category and support you in deciding what to keep and what to let go. Please be reassured there are no set rules about how much you keep (or let go) the choice is all yours.


6 Hours

This is the perfect option if you want to focus on a full room such as utility or playroom 


12 Hours (Most Popular)

5% discount

This package allows me to support you through detailed vision planning and guide you as we go through the process of decluttering and putting new systems in place which will make the space easier to manage. This will give us time to work from start to finish on a full room or a few areas of the home such as closets/ wardrobes/ larder units etc 

I will be able to spend time organising your categories and creating a space you will love. This can be taken as three 4 hour sessions or two 6 hour sessions 


24 Hours

10% discount 

If your excited and motivated and like to get things done, this is the package for you 

We work though a number of areas in this ultimate package, not only will we have time to build a great working relationship but we will be in sync by the time the 24 hours is completed, we will work though numerous areas, put systems in place and create new habits. This option is perfect for someone who is really ready to make changes and learn new methods. We can really take the time to change your mindset and make valuable progress to create a relaxing space that you love.



Decluttering & Organising

Following our consultation, We will work with you to create the perfect space in a time frame to suit you.

We will offer guidance and support with decluttering your belongings and help you let go of items which no longer serve a purpose, we can work through any area in the home from the Kitchen to garage or boot room to playroom.

Clutter can be overwhelming, maybe you can’t find the energy or the time to tackle the one area in your home which has become that dumping ground or maybe you are thinking of downsizing or if your like me, you may just want to simplify your life at home and create a calm inviting environment.

Taking the first step is half the battle, If you’re ready to take the first step, I am here to help. Think of me as your home personal trainer, I am there to empower you, motivate you and inspire you, we will put processes and systems in place to help you maintain the area, long after I have gone. 

I realise many clients feel very nervous and may even suffer from anxiety at the thought of someone coming into your home, I want to make you feel at ease, We are not matronly or a sergeant major, we will work at your pace and there is no pressure to get rid of anything. Everything is your choice and your decision.

We have worked with various levels of clutter so please do not stress, We have seen it all. I am here to help you, not to judge you.

Areas we can declutter and organise

Moving House / Down sizing

It’s proven that moving house is one of the most stressful things we have to go through.

Organisation is the key to success, therefore it’s a good idea to prep before packing. We can work through your whole house, decluttering any items which no longer serve you and do not need to be moved to the new property. Items can then be sold or donated and do not need to go through the whole process of packing, moving, unpacking and then shoved in a cupboard, never to be used or needed again. I can help you to go through the process in a calm and structured way, to prevent you from feeling overwhelmed by the process.

What to expect:

– Decluttering all areas of the home as required.

– Pack and label each box and make a detailed inventory

– Help the removal team and direct them to the right room with all items.

– Help to unpack and set up each room

– Help organise spaces for your first night Incl make the beds up, find the kettle for your first cuppa

– Look at good use of storage and organisational systems for your new found space

– Help you feel in control and calm and enjoy your new home and embrace the next chapter in your life.

Virtual organising

We offer non judgement guidance to support you and your decluttering journey. 

You may just need to feel accountable, to ensure you reach your own personal goals and change habits to make life simpler and relaxed.

We are here to motive you and guide you through all the stages of this process.

Virtual decluttering and organising offers you flexibility and can be done during the evening or at weekends to work around your current commitments.

We will work through your goals and discuss systems to help you stay focused and dedicated to complete each area of your home. These sessions are bookable by the hour and cost £30.00 per hour (minimum 30 minute booking).

This can be done via zoom, Whats app, or FaceTime 

Please call or message for a free 15 minute consultation to discuss this option further 


With the loss of a loved one you will go through a rollercoaster of emotions but when you feel ready and in a place to make changes within the home, We would be most honoured to help you every step of the way. When we loose a loved one, we can’t imagine moving forward or changing anything as we want to keep everything exactly where it was left, this stage is called the denial stage of grief, and everyone goes through it.

As time passes and you start to heal and begin to remember the wonderful memories and time spent together without clinging to items which they may have accumulated but not necessarily loved, for example you may never have a use for a sledge hammer in the shed which belonged to your late husband or father/Grandad, we can work through these areas first and then when you feel ready we can move into the more difficult areas such as clothes/ collections/ jewellery etc. This is such a difficult time but we can help and offer a listening ear and will work at a pace to suit you. 

It is always such a privilege to help clients through this most difficult task but together we can make small steps towards your healing and creating a home you feel honours your loved one but also helps you to take steps to make your home a calm and simplified space. Please get in tough if I can be of any assistance either virtually or face to face.